Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Solar Power Box

For this project I built a flashlight out of 3D printing. I used a box from Level Up Village and iterated on it. I iterated it by adding handles to the side. After that, I printed a clip on its own. I had the idea to use a clip because I thought it would be easier to walk with. That way if you are trying to carry groceries at night you can still use a flashlight. I had a fun time working on this project with my friends from Kenya.I connected the wires in the solar box by using gray connectors. Then put the solar panel on top. I have an off and on switch to turn it on and off.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


We originally had the idea of making a pen, pencil, and a highlighter combined. It was a great idea but two things got in our way. One, after doing research we realized that it was already invented and two, we couldn’t get the shape of what we were thinking of. We were thinking of having it like a pocket knife, where you could pull the writing utensil you wanted. That didn’t work out though. So we moved on to our real idea. The bagger, we call it that because it helps you carry in your grocery bags, without cutting off your circulation. We thought that this idea would be helpful because we know that a lot of people get indentations or lines on there hands after carrying grocery bags in. So we decided to make a design to help that. It has soft foam material. I came up with the idea because I asked my mom if she had one idea to make life easier what would it be. She answered a shopping cart holder. So that is what we created.

We engineered our design in tinkercad. Tinkercad is a very helpful website where you make designs. Tinkercad lets you design anything you want. It can show you it in 3-D so you know what it looks like. It also lets you print a design right to the printer. Which is probably easier for Mrs.Tuten. It took us many tries to get the sizing the right size. We had to measure a hand for the length and the width. At first we printed it out and it was so small. It was the size of a finger. So Mrs.Tuten helped us make the sizing right. So our design turned out just right.

So as I told you our first time we printed it out it was the size of a finger. That was way too small. So we had to go back and redo it . We got it though to work. Once it was printed my group was so excited. We had to get the foam. Witch Mrs.Tuten helped us with. She got the foam from another teacher which was very helpful. After we measured the foam to be the right size. We were thinking of ways to improve it. We were thinking that we could find different ways to do it. So maybe next time we could make another one but, with a different way to hold it.